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How Green?

When Edge Resources recently announced that it had partnered with an international nonprofit group to create a sustainably developed gas drilling property in south Arlington, local environmentalists and drilling critics probably perked up their ears. Getting the gas drilling industry to acknowledge and minimize the environmental effects of their activities is a battle that citizen groups have been fighting for a decade in North Texas, with only limited success. Edge, a Fort Worth-based oil-and-gas company operating mainly in the Barnett Shale, has agreed to participate with Audubon International in its ‚Äúsanctuary certification‚ÄĚ program on its the eight-acre site along U.S. 287. Audubon, a nonprofit group not affiliated with the National Audubon Society, works in 26 countries with golf courses and other developments to address concerns such as water quality, retention of native plants, and wildlife habitat. Edge officials this week declined to specify any measures they will be taking

April 25th, 2017|