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Patterson Energy Corporation

Patterson Energy Corporation is an oil and gas exploration and production company that owns and operates properties in Texas and New Mexico. CEO and Owner, Robert Patterson has been involved in the development, drilling and completion of hundreds of wells over the last 35 years. Mr. Patterson formed Patterson Energy Corporation and its affiliated companies to acquire and develop oil and gas assets in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana. PE Consulting Services, LLC, an affiliated company, provides contract consulting to the industry in all phaes of development from prospect to production. The Prfessionals in PE Consulting have an average of 30 years experience in land, accounting, drilling, completion and production.


Dwayne Purvis Engineering

The quality of predictions of the future can be tough to discern since anyone can post an opinion, and we must wait sometimes many years for validation.  The best predictions rely on a thorough understanding of the internal architecture and dynamics (what I call the unified theory of the reservoir) which make it possible to predict behaviors which may not be so obvious.  Experience and understanding help to see the “black swans.”

But understanding the reservoir is only the penultimate objective of a reservoir engineering consultant; the ultimate objective is to manipulate the reservoir to get the best value from it.  Trial-and-error is slow, costly, potentially inconclusive and, most importantly, irreversible.  Analysis offers the best value when large capital is on the line, especially when commodity prices provide no cushion for error.  Brief or poor analysis may be venial when prices are high, but it is potentially mortal today.